What Is The Standard For Quartz Watch Battery Replacement?

- May 09, 2017 -

Quartz watch with the mechanical watch is different, it is to keep the watch with the battery to move, and the mechanical watch is on the spin and swing to walk. So the quartz watch battery runs out, it is necessary to replace the battery. Quartz watch the battery standard has a variety of, and the quality of different, offer also different. Poor quality of the tens of dollars cheaper; good quality will have to hundred dollars. But the poor quality of the battery can not be used, a month on the no electricity, and easy "spit oil" and damage the watch movement. Therefore, the battery must change the battery, to ensure that can use more than 2 years.

But also to the professional repair table shop, to replace, only to be able to ensure that the quality, many consumers, usually because of the time of haste, and chose a small stall of the repair shop to replace the watch. But after the replacement of the poor quality of the battery, with less than half a year on the no electricity, and for the battery cost is several hundred. So advocate, to change the quartz watch battery, or to the standard repair shop to replace. As a result of the standard repair shop, there will be after-sales service, in terms of quality, will certainly be guaranteed. In the charges must be rationalized.

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