What Are The Advantages Of The Cortical Strap?

- May 09, 2017 -

A watch can bring you the attention of others, can improve your grade. Can make you superior But the major international list of the offer will be disappointing. Which appeared in the engraved industry. The more poor pursuit of genuine, the more rich and more know how to use imitation to dress up, you get enough field, bring work close to the genuine imitation table, no one will doubt, no one will take a magnifying glass to your left wrist to see if Your character is not so suspicious. You can make a few times less offer to get the same effect, no more than the consumer view more calm.

Cowhide strap is the most common watch strap in the end of the material, although the small calfs can not talk about the expensive, but it is soft, with the use of high cost-effective by the market like. Cowhide strap and a crocodile skin can not reach the characteristics of it can be decorated with any models of the table, such as generous sports table than Panerai, Yu ship and other sports table, thick leather strap as long as the leather can be done this point. Of course, the material is on the one hand, work is another aspect, in the work is also very particular about the leather strap along the edge of the fish line thickness, drawing piercing symmetry, the back of the strap is a measure of a leather strap The specification.

High-end tip table is usually selected is the crocodile leather strap, crocodile skin we must know that usually is the tip of the material, crocodile belt, crocodile shoes and so on are always standing in the top of the leather material guess. Of course, the crocodile skin is also divided into three six nine, crocodile variety, throughout the world, from raw materials, the North American Mississippi crocodile, South American Amazon crocodile, African crocodile, Indian crocodile and South Asian crocodile, The cortex is also very different. But also because of the increasingly harsh environment in recent years, the more harsh environment, artificial breeding costs and high, so crocodile skin increased year after year, which is crocodile leather strap offer one of the expensive factors.

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