The Classification And Structure Of Electronic Watch

- May 09, 2017 -

The basic part of the electronic watch is made of electronic components. Electronic clock clock is based on the principle of "electro-magnetic, magnetic electricity," the physical phenomenon designed. That is converted from electrical energy to magnetic energy, and then converted into magnetic energy by the magnetic energy, the movement of the hour hand to reach the timing intention. Transistor balance table is to dry batteries for energy, with the transistor as a switch, balance spring for the vibration system. The electronic paper watch is a watch with an electronic paper display screen installed inside, which can show the time, week, and date.

Now complete the electronic paper skills path mainly include cholesterol liquid crystal display skills, electrophoresis display skills and electrical dampness display skills. The electronic paper used in electronic paper watch the first choice of electrophoresis display skills. Electronic paper watch display brightness and contrast, do not need to use the backlight method to improve readability. Electronic paper watch the choice of electronic paper, hardware, simple structure, the thickness of up to 1mm or so.

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