Silicone watch classification

- May 09, 2017 -

Now the market mainstream silicone watch has three categories

Jelly table

Jelly table is a large square or round head, combined with thick silicone strap, design inspiration from the jelly shape characteristics, bright colors, highlight the personality, the manufacturer will add LED lights in the dial, increase jelly The movement of the table.

Patted the watch

Strap is the use of silicone industry in the plastic technology, the elastic steel positioning with the word die, in the vulcanization machine in a pressure molding. Strap with a steel sheet of elasticity, but also has a soft silicone feel. While the table to increase the fun of the shrapnel.

Negative ion table

Negative ion table is the use of negative ion powder, titanium powder and some other trace elements added to the silica gel raw materials mixing, so that silicone strap with micro-radiation, promote blood circulation.

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